We will be offering the following adult dogs in the new year to their permanent retirement
homes.  They are debarked, up to date on their vaccinations, and in good health.

If interested please contact me at bsawatzky0@gmail.com for futher details.

A fenced in yard is a must and they need to be housedogs as they love nothing better
than to sleep on the bed with you or on the couch.   They have beautiful temperaments
and will make a wonderful companion.

We will be screening their placements as we only want the best homes possible for
them.  They can either go together or separately.  This is a very hard decision but know
in our hearts that they both deserve to live out their retirement years with a doting
family where they can get the one on one attention they both deserve.
Ch. Amberlyn's Three Wishes

Portia will be six years old in January.  She has had her
eyes tested clear, is clear for vWd, her hips and elbows are
good.  Please contact me for further details if interested.
Ch. Amberlyn's Sorority Girl ROMC

Diva will be 8 years old next spring.  She loves to play ball and would
make a good tracker properly trained.  She is an active girl yet loves to
sleep on the bed.  Very loving nature and would make a great

If interested please contact me for further details.  

She will only be placed in an ideal home and there must be a secure
fenced yard.