Amberlyn's Law and Order

BISS Gr. Ch. Amberlyn's Etched in Stone CD HIT
x Amberlyn's Just Sayin'

We are so proud of this young boy and can foresee what a great
future he has.

He is owned and loved by Lesley and her husband Clyde Finlay.  
Thank you for promoting him and loving him the way you do.
                                                                                            Am.Ch. Carloway Coronado
                                                                             Am.Ch. Westars Faron
                                                                                          Westars Wild Roses
                                                                     BISS Am.Can.Ch. Grandgables Alfenloch Uno
                                                                                          Am.Can.Ch. Apple Acres Expedition, ROMC
                                                                             Ch. Grandgables She's Outa Deja Blue
                                                                                          Shamont Out of The Blue
                                                     Am.Can.Ch. Grandgables Avebury King Coal
                                                                                          BISS AmCan.Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy, ROMC
                                                                             BIS Am.Can.Gr.Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy
                                                                                          BISS Am.Can.Ch. Grandgables Homecom'n Queen
                                                                     Ch. Avebury Grandgables Queen Bee
                                                                                          Am.Can.Ch. Apple Acres Expedition, ROMC
                                                                             Ch. Carmans Sting At Avebury
                                                                                          Can.Ch. Carman's Undercover Encounter
                                     Multie BISS Am.GrExcellent Can.Ch. Amberlyn's Etched In Stone CD HIT
                                                                                          Am.Jpn.Ch. SS Pop Star of Northern Farm, ROM,ROMC
                                                                             Am Ch. MacDega Notorious, ROM
                                                                                          Am.Ch. Fantasia Affair of The Heart
                                                                     BISS Am.Can.Ch. Gr.Ch. Laureate Cold Play
                                                                                          Ch. Autumngold Laureate Alabama
                                                                             Laureate Nuance
                                                                                          BISS Am.Can.Ch. Laureate Louisiana
                                                     Pattoo Once In A Blue Moon (ptd)
                                                                                          Am.Ch. Apple Acres Mardi Gras, ROM
                                                                             Am.Can.Ch. Serenity Apple Acres Iceland
                                                                                          Act 1 Rosalie, ROM
                                                                     Ch. Skyehaven After The Storm
                                                                                          Am.Can.Ch. Toven Wintertide ROM,ROMC
                                                                             Ch. Skyehaven Wintergreen ROMC
                                                                                          BPISS Ch. Skyehaven Here I Come

Ch. Amberlyn's Law and Order
                                                                                          Am.Jpn.Ch. SS Pop Star of Northern Farm ROM.ROMC
                                                                             BISS Ch. Macdega Notorious ROM
                                                                                          Ch.Fantasia Affair Of the Heart
                                                                     Ch.Blue Heavens Lethal Weapon
                                                                                          Ch. Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder
                                                                             Ch. Blue Heaven's Amazing Grace
                                                                                          Ch. Blue Heaven's Simply Amazing
                    Ch. Belmark's Enough Said
                                                                                          BISS Am.Can.Ch. Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC
                                                                             Am.Can.Ch. Belmark's Lo and Behold ROM
                                                                                          Karmix Third Watch
                                                                     Ch. Belmark Elation
                                                                                          Can.Ch. Belmark Photo Finish
                                                                              BIS Can.Ch.Belmark's Recherche
                                                                                          UKC Ch. Belmark Accolade
                  Amberlyn's Just Say'n
                                                                                          BISS Am.Ch.UKC Ch. Bach Belmark On Canvas
                                                                              Am.Can.Ch. Belmark Lo and Behold ROM, ROMC
                                                                                          Karmix Third Party
                                                                      Am.Can.Ch. Belmark Own The Podium
                                                                                          Can. Ch. Belmark Photo Finish
                                                                              BIS Can.Ch. Belmark Recherche
                                                                                          UKC Ch. Belmark Accolade
                        Belmark's Rythym Of My Heart
                                                                                          Brecon Oak Crest Jet Black
                                                                              BISS Am.Can.UKC Ch. Bach Belmark On Canvas CGC
                                                                                          Skyward's Passionate Kisses
                                                                      Ch. Belmark Berwyn Bond Girls Are Forever
                                                                                          BISS Am.Can.Ch. Belmark Maverick
                                                                              Belmark Champagne Wishes
                                                                                          Bach Belmark Elite