My Other Love
"Ivy" is an 9 year old blue point

She is her own person.  Will
come to me on her own terms
and is the more mischievieous
one of the two.

They definately make my life
interesting to say the least.
MeMe "hiding" in my jacket that
was left on a chair.
"MeMe" is my 8 year old seal point
balinese siamese who thinks she is a
sheltie.  She follows me everywhere
and wants to take part in whatever I'm
doing, sometimes more than I want.

She is a very affectionate cat and a
very calming cat to live with.  She has
definiately exceeded my exectations
of ever being owned by a cat as I no
longer think of myself as just being a
"dog" person.
Wish and MeMe sharing my lap while watching TV.  They are
the best of friends as you can see.
Newest Addition
introduction to
Miss Lucy at 5 months..........trying sooo very
hard not to swipe at my knitting needles.  She
was really trying to be good.
Mr. Beans (Kim's kitten) and
Miss Lucy at 13 weeks enjoying
their play date.
garage early November.  He was very scared and
it took me quite awhile to catch him and try to be
his friend.  He trusts me now but no-one else.  He
likes to be an indoor/outdoor kind of guy.