Ch. Amberlyn's Promise Ring
2017 BISS Am. National MBISS/MBIS Am.Can.Gr.Ch. Laureate Invincible x Ch. Amberlyn's
Sororitiy Girl  ROMC
Token is such a fun loving dog.  So full of herself.  She has a
beautiful head, lovely topline and moves effortlessly.  

She finished her Championship in two week-ends at the tender age
of 8 months of age.

We are anticipating a great future with her.
Hips certification Good
Eyes certified Normal
vWd clear by parentage
MDR1 normal
                                                                                                        Am.Ch.Brandina Carmylie Double Digit ROMC
                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Inception
                                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Lutece
                                                                        Ch. Laureate Invictus
                                                                                                      MBIS/MBISS Am.Can.Ch. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm CD, ROM
                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Valrhona
                                                                                                      Laureate Genoise
                                                      MBISS Am.Gr.Ch. MBIS Can.Gr.Ch. Laureate Invincible
                                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Landslide ROMC
                                                                                      Am.Ch. Brandina Carmylie Double Digit ROMC
                                                                                                      Am.Ch. Carmylie Castles In The Air
                                                                      MBPIS/BPISS Am.Can.Ch. Laureate Immortality
                                                                                                      MBIS Am.G.Ch./Can Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy ROMC
                                                                                      BPIS Ch. Laureate Epitome
                                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Lutece

              Ch. Amberlyn's Promise Ring
                                                                                                      Am/Can.Jpn.Ch. Grandgables It's Show Time ROMC
                                                                                      BISS Am.Can Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy ROMC
                                                                                                      Can Ch. Lynphil's Montara
                                                                      BISS Am.Can.Jpn.Ch. Granddgables The Frat Boy ROMC
                                                                                                      BIS Am.Ch. Hannalore Homerun ROM
                                                                                      BIS/BISS Am.Can.Jpn Ch. Grandgables Homecomin' Queen
                                                                                                      BISS Am.Ch. Grandgable Times Up At Paray
                                                      Ch. Amberlyn's Sorority Girl ROMC
                                                                                                      Am.Can.Ch. Belmar's Showcase Attraction
                                                                                      Ch. Caranton's Class Action
                                                                                                      Princess Angela Rose
                                                                      Amberlyn's Runaway Bride (ptd)
                                                                                                      Ch. Laureate Landslide
                                                                                      Ch. Amberlyn's To Keep A Promise
                                                                                                      Ch. Amberlyn's A Promise Kept